How common is marriage failure in India ?

How common is marriage failure in India ?

Q & ACategory: MatrimonyHow common is marriage failure in India ?
Vasanth asked 4 years ago

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Admin Staff answered 4 years ago

Well, the statistics of divorce may be available with the family and welfare organization of the government which is accountable. But a lot more couples live together for years without understanding & love, which eventually be called a failed marriage. The ratio of second is definitely more in India compared to the rest of the world.

Any Marriage Love or arranged needs some time for the couple to understand each other. Before marriage, every bride and groom will have their lifestyle and are accustomed to how they are brought up. It is not an easy task to get together. So initially hiccups are expected in any marriage. But couples have to make up their mind and be positive in correcting and adjusting each other. This continuous effort will make Life happy and joyful. 

It is a common challenge everyone will face, but asking for everything that I want in the spouse and comparison will make your life miserable.

Any relationship cannot be PERFECT unless you learn to ACCEPT.


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