How Safe is it to use Photos & Personal Details on Anuraga Matrimony?

How Safe is it to use Photos & Personal Details on Anuraga Matrimony?

Q & ACategory: Anuraga MatrimonyHow Safe is it to use Photos & Personal Details on Anuraga Matrimony?
Uma asked 4 years ago

I understand Anuraga Matrimony doesn’t permit us to use the website without a profile photo. I heard there is a lot of fraud happening on the matrimonial websites, So I am scared to use my photos and a few personal details on the website. Could you please explain or allow me to use it without my photo?

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Admin Staff answered 4 years ago

A photo is an important part of your matrimonial profile. Photo and proper details on your profiles, make your profile look genuine.  A perfect profile photo of yours will enhance your profile for partner search with great feasibility and getting good match responses. It isn’t a good idea to move ahead without having an idea of how a person looks, so you too need to choose the profiles which are more natural and complete.

The following are the safety features adopted in our website.

  1. Every member details are scrutinized and mobile is verified before approving the registration. Unregistered members / General public will not have any access to your photo or profile details.
  2. Bride / Groom Name and Parents name is not visible to any Free Member, and access to the same by a paid member is also accounted for. 
  3. Since the Bride or Groom’s name is not available in the first instance, searching for details on Facebook, LinkedIn or any other social media platform is a tough task.
  4. We advise not to use the photos which or on your social media platforms for extra security.
  5. Photos are mandatory, but you have the option of protecting it with a password.
  6. Anuraga Matrimony doesn’t advise you to protect, because without which person showing interest on you will certainly be less and those who are desperate will try to contact you.
  7. Our website is SSL Certifed. (SSL Certificates secure all of your data as it is passed from your browser to the website’s server.
  8. To ensure safety it is better to upload the pics that you wouldn’t mind being shared further.


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