Photo – A Major Slice of Your Matrimonial Profile.

You all know this proverb “ The First Impression is the Best Impression”, yet most of the parents, guardians, or even bride & groom fail to think about it. However good maybe the groom or bride, whatever may be the education and income, but if the First Impression fails only the luck should play the part. 

“Photo is the major part of your profile, which guarantees you in getting a good response on any matrimonial platform. A good photo also communicates the seriousness of a committed relationship”.

Yes, all are not born fair, but photos surely play an important role while searching for the bride or groom. It is ridiculous that people keep searching for the beautiful bride or groom, but fail to check whether the photos of their kin can attract someone.

Stare at your photograph if you feel that someone can tell you the words that always you wanted, go ahead. But more than 90% of the fail to say yes and start searching for a better photograph.

The first Photo or the main photo is called a profile photo, which should have some attractive qualities in it. Additional photos should focus on physical attributes such as color, body type, height, etc in different attire. In common, do follow these steps to get better results

Tip 1 : SMILE is the only language understood by everyone on the earth. Let your photo have a Gentle  / Full Smile. Do not try to hide your teeth, and make your smile unnatural.

  1. Smiling.
  2. Natural and Light Background.
  3. Perfect Head-Shot.
  4. Eye focusing Lens.
  5. Soft diffused light.
  6. Decent Dress.
  7. Body Slightly turned
  8. Confident.
  9. Simple Makeup
  10. Ideal for Profile (Main) Photo.

Tip 2: Your confidence reflects on your photos, keep your mood high while taking such photos. At that instant remember you are a hero or heroine and your shot is to attract the other.

Tip 3 : Profile photos must be a headshot i.e head + Sholder focusing the lens.  According to photography experts, your face turned slightly to left or right and your eyes focused on the camera gives maximum attraction.  Avoid posing your body dead straight,  slightly angled is always make a better one. 

Blurred / Grains  Old Photograph Focus on Background

Tip 4 :  Light is a serious chapter of photography. The light should be optimum on the face. Avoid photos under dark shadows, direct sunlight, or High-intensity lights. White light is always advised in indoor and early morning light does wonder in outdoor.

Tip 5 : The background you choose for the photo is also an important part. You should be the focus of the photograph and the background should not have more prominence. Your Car, your garden, a travel place should not occupy the place of you.  Whether it is a studio or outdoor, distracting, or attractive background will not highlight you.

Tip 6 : Photos that reflects your personality is even better.  Use multiple photographs to showcase your personality and enhance credibility. 

 Dark Background Focusing away                    Goggles                    
Loose Clothing Dim lighting Jersey

Tip 7 : You Attire have a say in your matrimonial photographs. Use decent clothing which will also please parents and the well-wishers of the opposite side. In over 70% of cases, your profile is selected by parents or siblings. Photos with different attire are better when uploading multiple photographs.

Tip 8 : Simple make-up is fine, but not through a professional.  Eye-liners or Eye shadow will greatly attract the girls. 

 Distant Focus Uneven Lighting                 Grim Face                    

Tip 9 : Share photos with your dearest and nearest before uploading, and ask them to choose. Those who are of your age are better to do it.

Tip 10 : Also follow some DONT’s below.

  1. Don’ t use Photos older than 6 months. Older photos tend to make trouble. 
  2. Artistic Photos don’t make inroad here. Natural photos are the best photos
  3. Photos with Googles, Jerseys, or hat gives negative marks.
  4. Avoid retro-styled poses.
  5. Do not share a group photo or with anyone else. It should be individual. 
  6. Do not upload the photos on Social Media which you are using for matrimonial purposes. A Caution, but not mandatory.

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Disclaimer : This blog claims no credit for any images posted here. Images on this blog are just to represent the difference in choosing a good photograph for a matrimonial profile and not for any commercial purpose.


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