How to Write a Safe Matrimonial Profile

Marriage is eternal bondage!!!

While a good Curriculum Vitae is necessary for applying for a job, an authentic, complete, and descriptive matrimonial profile in every respect will be advantageous to search for a life partner. It should be good enough to attract the attention of the reader at first glance itself.

From a Social worker to an Enterprise level, different platforms are available in India for searching Brides and Bridegrooms. Each one has its own style of functioning and its service framework. Most of them cater to specific Caste or Sub-caste, Language, Region, Status, Occupation, etc, and some cater to all, irrespective of all the entities.

Trust and truthfulness matter greatly in the everlasting relationship. On the other hand, safety and security are concerns while sharing personal data with the public. 

Everyone expects that they are not cheated by the information provided, but have fear to disclose their information honestly. 

Then how do I disclose Information for any Matrimony Safely?  

Most of the information collected by different matrimonial platforms are similar. The objective of them is to provide the viewer with all the required and important information that one needs to assess if the profile could be a good fit for him/her. 

If details are not provided properly, the profile may be rejected by the service providers or viewers deem it as a fake profile and may not show interest in the profile.

So, a clear understanding is necessary regarding information that needs to be shared on a matrimonial profile before posting it on any matrimonial site or registering in a marriage bureau. Unnecessary information will not hold any credit here.

You also need to be careful while sharing your personal data, which is venerable to misuse. Go through the below contents and manage to a Genuine, Adequate, Attractive, and Safe Matrimonial profile.

Personal Details:

Personal information on a matrimonial profile usually contains Name of Bride / Bridegroom, Date of Birth & Age, Height, and Marital Status.

Some people try to hide the name of the Bride / Bridegroom. They usually avoid considering that people may try to check their details on social media or through some agency. Some even fear approaching the bride or groom surpassing the parents. In case of such fear, it is better to mention only the first name or Last Name or Nickname rather than leaving blank or mentioning as “Later”.

Religion / Caste / Sub-Group Information:

Considering in general, most of the alliances are confined to their own community in the Indian scenario. People do not easily accept the alliance from other groups/ caste/ sect or religion. 

If the parents’ marriage is of Inter-religion, Inter-caste, or Inter-Subgroups they may have some issue in mentioning the details. But the truth is always the truth. There should be no hesitation to mention the details as they are. Hiding such information may beget trouble at a later stage. 

It is difficult to cross-check information unless people in common are known. 

Horoscope Information:

In Indian matchmaking, Horoscope holds prime importance. The Bride’s and Bridegroom’s Time of Birth, Place of Birth, Gotra, Star, Rashi, Nadi, Manglik are some of the information required to match the horoscope. 

You or your family may not consider or believe in horoscope, but people viewing your profile might be particular about it. Over 75% of the people still consider horoscope matching as a must in a matrimonial alliance. So, providing such information is necessary. 

If you are particular about horoscope matching, before going forward for the initial talks itself, check it out. Dropping the alliance after a stage, reasoning horoscope incompatibility irks everyone and your efforts also go in vain.

Many times even when you had checked and found horoscope matching as suitable, People use this as an easy answer to reject any profile. Discard and stop worrying about such an alliance and move on.

Some parents don’t mention horoscope details fearing that, the other party may manipulate and prepare their horoscope to a matching one. Contrary to it, when your details are not provided, people feel that your horoscope may be more malefic. 

Education and Occupation Details:

Education and occupation along with income are the most important aspects considered here. Though most don’t hesitate to write Education and occupation details, they tend to hide the income column. 

Writing about Major Education level with the stream is fine. You can also mention the Educational institutions- college / Institute from where the graduation/ post-graduation, etc are obtained. But elaborating too much about education is not necessary.

As a safety tip, instead of mentioning the name of the workplace such as company or organization, it is better to add as Private Firm / MNC / Govt Organisation, etc along with the designation. This is just to avoid inquiry through Social media or any other roots in the initial stage.   

We usually see parents or groom saying that they don’t favor the girl/family who chooses them based on earning and try to avoid marking it. But over 95% of the parents or girl will not accept to consider the groom’s profile without it. 

For the grooms with very high income, it is suggested to mention at least a figure above average. Grooms earning below average will have more rejection at the next level if not mentioned. This leads to further frustration/complications. 

Some may guess your income based on your education and occupation, but it becomes wild when they see boys who are very well qualified and earn little. Unless you reveal, parents or brides will not move to the next stage even if they approach you with other positive grounds.

Generally, Brides prefer the groom to be earning more than what she earns, so mentioning income will be an advantage for them, as the groom’s side may avoid the girls with a higher income than that of the groom. 

As this information is bound to change, you need to update your educational and occupation and income details from time to time. 

Family Details :

Particulars such as Parent’s Name, Occupation, Living Status, Siblings  and their marital status are added in this section.  

We have seen many making a mistake by skipping family details. The hint for the fake profile starts in this section if not filled properly.

We also see a detailed text about the whole family tree, which is unnecessary at this stage. You may give all details after the initial acceptance of the profile. 

Write about your family and the family values, family type, and your ancestral origin in general. 

Partner Preference:

Age, Height, Education, Occupation, Caste & groups are the common preference criteria. This is essentially an individual choice, but you are bound to concise according to your data, trends, and moreover with the statistics of the opposite members. It is always better for you to study in detail or consult an experienced matrimonial advisor in this regard. 

Chances are that you get queries more from unwanted persons when you don’t fill your requirements properly. However, more flexibility in your preference leads to more choice. 

Contact Details:

This is where you need to think about safety and security when you post your contact details. Generally, people don’t bother about your postal address, as everyone has stopped connecting personally or through the post, it is time to correspond over phone/mobile or email. But mentioning the area/region and City name is important. 

Except in extreme cases, we advise you to avoid personal numbers of bride or groom. It is always better to mention the parents, guardian or siblings’ contact numbers. 

It is even better if a separate temporary email-id is created for the matrimonial purpose, rather than using your regular mail-id. 

Personal Information:

Parents create the most of the matrimonial profile and it is fine to fill all the above details by them. But Bride / Bridegroom necessarily has to write this part of the profile. Your thought in filling up this section may get your interests from the right person.

Hobbies and Interests:

Even though the section has less importance than any other part of the profile, choosing what exactly you have as hobbies/interests may be an added advantage. This section should give a note about your lifestyle.

For example, if you are interested in spiritual discourses and you may not like the modern culture, a special mention about it will avoid interests from unmatched profiles. 

Habits :

Since most of the matrimonial profiles are filled up by parents or in the presence of parents, chances are that parents may not know/try to hide smoking, drinking, and eating habits. They may be a personal secret also. 

So, In general, this needs to be clarified during the initial talks if you are bothered about them.

About Yourself:

Usually, Text boxes are given to describe your personality and not scripting about your details or preferences. Subjective description about yourself are prone to misinterpretation, So, pay more attention and be wise to put the right words. Highlight your positive aspects and be sure to concise it to 2-4 sentences that would create enough curiosity in the reader.

DO’s and Don’ts

  1. Be Honest, provide adequate/complete loyal information.
  2. Photos are a major part of your matrimonial profile. Choose the right photos.                    ( How to Select a good photo for your matrimonial Profile – Click Here)
  3. Just to impress others, do not write some random things like I love reading and traveling.
  4. Don’t copy from other profiles while writing about yourself. 
  5. Also always add what you are looking for, there will always be few Haves/Have nots so define them with your family and include that in your profile. Things like these will give more clarity to the girl/boy or her/his parents to see if you are the right match or not.
  6. Most of the people give false information about their eating and drinking habits. It needs to be clarified only when boy and girl meet personally.
  7. While you try to fill your profile, be prepared to check and read all the details of other profiles before choosing and approaching.
  8. Remain active on the website and communicate with other users when necessary. 

In order to select someone for marriage, you have to meet someone. So try to meet those profiles which you feel are suitable. Rest of the things you can discuss in detail when the two families or two persons meet. But before you meet, be prepared with the list of things you need to get clarified. 

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