How to Identify a Fake Matrimonial Profile

There was a time when most of the marriage alliances are concluded within the family or through some referrals. Families being scattered to different towns and cities, relations disowned for status and financial reasons, morals are being cornered & alliances within the known family have become non-existent today. Finding Partner for an arranged marriage has a new way today, more and more people are dependent on Matrimonial websites, Matrimonial bureaus, Magazines, Brokers, and Advertisements for matrimonial alliance. 

Parents, brides & grooms are really worried about the fake profiles registered in matrimony portals or with any such organizations providing matchmaking services. It is impossible to check the nuisance of fake registrations, but it is also tough to find the fake profiles if they had filled the details properly in the application.

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There are enough matrimonial sites that don’t care about the quality of the profiles and allow even junk profiles to be posted. People take advantage of innocent people through these websites or even the matrimonial bureau. People try to pretend and lie about their life, family, looks, education and financial status. There are 2 aspects here. One is a fake matrimony profile and the other is fake matrimonial website / fake Service providers. Let us now look at how to identify a fake matrimonial profile. 

You might have heard or read or referred to a good matrimony site or a bureau. But all profiles may not be genuine in it. Every matrimonial website or bureau gives only the information which has been exchanged to them during the registration. It is impossible to scrutinize every profile registered on the website. There is no exact way to determine that a profile is fake. It is the capacity to the Bride, Groom and family to assess the authenticity. Here are some of the tips for your care while doing so.

  1. Reading and analyzing the profile of a prospective bride or a groom is very important. It is also equally important for you to post the relevant details about yourself. Check all the details provided carefully before responding or approaching them. Photos may look good, but do not jump to contact them without having proper details on his / her profile.
  2. In genuine profiles, people usually provide the contact details of the parents. In case, if it does connects to any other family members, do enquire about the parent’s status. There may be some exceptional cases, second marriage or late marriage where the contact details are directed to the bride or groom. Once you contact the person, ask them to involve their parents/family and in case they are hesitant-it’s a sign that it is a fake matrimonial profile.
  3. Also in the current age, I guess it isn’t a good idea to move ahead without having an idea of how a person looks. So, if a profile photo is absent, to a large extent it may not be genuine.
  4. Frequent changes in the profile about his / her details or even hobbies and interests need attention. If you find too many wrong things in the profile when compared in person, please get away as soon as possible.
  5. Do not use any middlemen to talk. Parents or any family members should make contact and observe their intentions. You can surely experience many details during the initial conversations. Before the conversation, analyze the profile once again and be prepared. 
  6. People who don’t want to get families involved won’t discuss their family with you or share anything with you. But you get the point. This is a red flag. Especially when you are perhaps going to become a part of their family.
  7. Beware of posting your profile on WhatsApp, Facebook, or any other social media which has its Pros & Cons.  ( Click here to read more on Matrimonial Alliance through WhatsApp and Facebook )
  8. People effectively use morphed or excessively photos, Models, or Stock photos. Aged parents or parents who are not inclined to understand this get duped.   ( How to select a good photo for your profile?? – Click here )
  9. Unusually wealthy & inappropriate income, a photograph which describes the high status, too many emotional descriptions are part of fake profiles.
  10. In an arranged marriage, people usually find an alliance in their community, unless it is near impossible. So you always need to study such profiles & about their community in-depth, before accepting.
  11. Many small mistakes can be found in profiles such as variation in height, hobbies, interests, habits, etc. since profiles are usually posted by parents. There may be some guesswork or parents may be unaware of some changes and these things may not be a lie. If such things matter, the bride and groom should clarify it when they get a chance to talk privately. 
  12. Today’s bride and groom prefer to talk, chat, and meet privately before families meet. It has an equal number of cons. A Person trying to impress you or the person who might ask for money for some reason in the initial meet is surely a fake matrimony profile.
  13. If a boy or girl doesn’t like to talk about family and friends after a considerable amount of time, hide about their education & schooling details needs to be doubted.fakeorreal
  14. Unless the profile is for second marriage or late marriage, if they had specified “profile created by self”, there could be some issue. 
  15. Profiles without complete details & photos are from the people who either fear to give the details about them or have doubt on others.
  16. However, you can never trust anyone completely without some investigation. If you liked a profile, you need to do background checks on your own properly before proceeding further. Do your research with the help of your parents. Many agencies do background verification also, you can opt for such agencies if required.
  17. People nowadays mainly engaged in finding the details of a bride or groom through Facebook, Linkedln and other social media platforms. It is not a bad idea to do so. but be aware, that others also do the same and you need to keep your profiles clean on social media too. 
  18. If a person puts too much pressure on early marriage or adamant to skip engagement without proper reason – pull your breaks. 
  19. If a bride or groom interested more in chatting just through the matrimonial websites (or random email id) rather than sharing their contact info, it can also be a sign of not being serious. 
  20. Bride or Groom, it is in fact, a good idea to add pics to your matrimonial profile as that will bring in more interest. Also to make your profile look more genuine – it is a good idea to provide few pics, in various outfits and backgrounds (Few close-ups and few full-lengths). To ensure safety I would say put pics that you wouldn’t mind being shared further. 

Everything in this world is based on what you believe. Our belief keeps on changing based on changing situations and changing thoughts. We never know what nature has decided for us. So, at least we should have a belief in things happening around us. If it is happening at least we should give attention to it. 


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