Practical Analysis of Brahmin Matrimony Brides & Grooms

Anuraga Matrimony presents you with the detailed Statistics and Report of Brides and Grooms pertaining to the Brahmin Community.

ಕನ್ನಡದಲ್ಲಿ ಓದಿ 

Let us go through the facts that exist in the community. These statistics are built around the Brahmin community of Karnataka state.

More likely these are the initial considerations while looking for a bride or groom in any community in an arranged marriage i.e Age, Height, Education, Occupation, Place of Living & in particular to the Brahmin community Gotra, Rashi, Star are preliminary. Apart from these, Looks matter the most to any boy or girl, Language for communication, and the status of the family is considered to a larger extent.

South Indian Brahmins are mainly called as Trimatastha Brahmins and are from the Sub-Sects Smartha, Vaishnava (Madhwa) & Sri Vaishnava ( Iyengars ). They constitute the majority of the south India Brahmins and have been considered through this survey.
While Smartha has several sub-groups that are formed region-wise, Madhwas have sub-groups according to mutts which they follow. Srivaishnavas have Vadagalai & Tengalai as major subgroups, but some of the smaller sub-groups are formed by regions also. In total, the Trimathastha Brahmins have more than 80+ subgroups that differ from each other in language, accent, traditions, beliefs, rituals, basic occupation etc,
But among these Thimathastha Brahmins, the common consideration here is Gotras, Where the same gotras exist in all the three groups. Though there are 9 major gotras, several other gotras also exist and are considered for initial acceptance in matchmaking.
Horoscope matching is still a large part of the deciding factors in the Brahmins when it comes to marriage. Basic horoscope matching constitutes the Star, Paada, and Rashi, while Gana and Various Kootas are considered in the detailed study of horoscope matching.

Trends concerning the Age keeps changing. As per the present scenario, the average age of the Brahmin brides who start looking for an alliance is around 25+ and for the Brahmin bridegrooms is around 27+. Though the average age of the girl’s age who are getting married is being pushed, a large number of bridegrooms start to seek/get married at the age of 30+

A general belief about the Brahmin brides and grooms is that the ratio between them is too much apart. But it is a big NO. Brides and Grooms at the right age (Brides between 21 to 26 and Grooms between 26 – 31) almost have a ratio of 1:1. But the parity lies in education and occupation between them. The Urban population is getting more compared to the rural. Most of the urban families don’t choose for an early marriage. Brides generally get married before the age of 28, but well-educated girls are pushing it beyond 30 at present. The Ratio widens after a certain age and finding a bride will be proportionally tough at the later stage.

The parity of the Brahmin Brides & Grooms majorly lies in Education, Occupation, and Living Location. It is hard to find a girl with less education. The trend of choosing to be an Engineer or Doctor is major among girls but they are open to choose other options as well to climb up the ladder. One thing to note here is that well educated or high-income group of bridegrooms choose their mate with less career-oriented. This makes the path tougher for girls with high expectations. The ratio of the girls and boys is reverse in medicine, Ph.D. and Higher education level. It is hard for the bride’s side to choose equally educated boys.

Occupation wise statistics reveal that a large percentage of girls are settled with Electronics, Software & Medical fields. But the boys are spread over in every other kind of occupation. Girls are filling up the higher income vacancies which are beyond the ratio of boys. While the preferences of girls are with a similar occupation of them, the choices for the bridegroom in other professions are getting tougher for an alliance.  Boys with higher income group usually don’t prefer the career-oriented or girls with an equal income.

Villages find a deserted look today with most of the youngsters shifting to bigger towns and cities. Boys who are left behind in the villages or small towns have lost all hopes of marriage. Most of the girls & their parents certainly need the grooms from the bigger cities & in contrast to Karnataka Brahmins, girl’s preference with Bangalore ONLY are found most. Apart from Bangalore, a large part of brides wants the groom to be outside India & mostly in the US. Stringent measures from the US Govt about VISA have left many brides and families to rethink their preferences. On the other hand, girls who are studying/working abroad are finding it more difficult as they need grooms who are living in that country in which they are living/working. 

Analyzing the above statistics it is clear that matchmaking has become extremely difficult in the Brahmin community. Another factor to be considered here is that the language also plays its part to some extent. Many divide them as Kannada Brahmins, Telugu Brahmins, Tamil Brahmins, Marathi Brahmins, Tulu Brahmins, Sankethi Brahmins. 

With all these expectations, ego, looks, assets, dependents are adding fuel to make them apart.

This Brahmin Matrimonial folio reveals why the community will face an extreme situation when we look upon future generations. About 40% of the Brahmin Grooms and 20% of the Brahmin brides may not find their mate as per the present scenario. The study also reveals and cautions with few points.

For Brides :

  • Doctor Grooms are hard to find.
  • Boys who encourage hobbies or professions like Bharatanatyam / Dance, Music & Arts, Actors are very less.
  • Boys continue to say NO to girls with having law or journalism as a profession.
  • Girls without an engineering background trying to find boys abroad may find it difficult.
  • Girls with very High education, very high income, and elite family status have fewer choices.
  • Girls living/studying abroad have to find someone in that country / sub-continent which again will be a big challenge.
  • Though Germany and the US are somewhat ok with an equal number of boys residing, but boys have a chance to take the bride from India at some stage.

For Grooms :

  • Hard to find brides with age above 30 and it is tougher in low/ middle-income groups.
  • Boys with SSLC / PUC / Diploma are left with no choice. Even graduates & master degree holders other than engineering have a tough time finding girls.
  • Actors / Singers / Businessperson or other than any regular professions have very little choice.
  • Only exceptional cases are found where the girls move from the metro or bigger cities to a small town or a village. So boys living in villages and smaller towns have to find someone around their places.
  • It is annoying that a large percentage of boys are being rejected despite having a good education and income is that, they don’t own a house.

With these comments, a lot of you will have questions to ask. These are some of the facts we found by surveys and statistics. It is hard to change it by any individual or an organization. We have tried to present to the community to make changes themselves as far as possible. 

Here are some possible corrections that the community can make and avoid some hassles.

1. Parents to take consent of their children before stepping to search alliance.
2. Pursuing the children to get married at the right age (23-27 for girls and 27-30 for Boys).
3. Unity in Community. 
4. Be open to accept the alliance from other sub-groups.
5. Brahmin community organizations to make a collective effort for Unity. Co-ordination and Co-operation towards building a Strong Brahmin Community.
6. Speeches and Discourses to establish the Oneness among the Sub-Groups and Sub-Sects.
7. Educating and guiding parents, Brides, and Grooms through mass appeal.
8. Enabling the students of Veda & Sanskrit with additional regular skills/education.

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