Horoscope Matching – How Important is it?

The privilege and Responsibility of Choosing the best should always be with you.

Astrology is an ancient science with which certain predictions are done about Life. A lot of Calculations, Observations, interpretations due to the movement and position of celestial objects are necessary for accurate predictions. People usually see varied comments with different astrologers for the same horoscope. It happens because of the various angles of observations in the horoscope.

Many examples of a Happy and long married life from an unmatched horoscope and also various cases of separation from fairly good Astro matches have also been observed. But that doesn’t mean that all astrological predictions are false. It cannot be because, without any success, astrology would have diminished long back. So, it has become a belief system rather than a science, and many people follow them with only some or no knowledge about it.

On the other hand, there is nothing called a PERFECT MATCH. Too deep to find such a match, and digging too much in astrology may delay the marriage. It hampers much when Parents, guardians, Bride, or Groom inculcate to find an ideal one.

It is hard to find the match for every person, but the distress in every child or parent who tries to find the right match has many annoying questions. Taking things too hard makes life harder. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.

Arranged marriage should be Matching people based on mindsets, values, and personalities rather than Education, Occupation, horoscope, and socio-economic criteria. Married life has to face many problems. But the mindset of the bride, groom and their parents decide it to be pleasant, beautiful and best.

Well, Many times delay in the marriage despite having everything positive on the profile make parents worried. For believers, some rituals may give them strength to think in the right way but it is worth consulting a marriage counselor to find the wrongdoings in your side.

Future is static and not variable. It is static that’s why people are predicting it. So don’t take it too seriously because whatever is bound to happen will happen no matter what you do or what people do. So just use it for curiosity & don’t go in-depth to start avoiding things to happen. Believe in the Creator, & hope he has the best for you.


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