Srinagesh R

Chairman, Mythri Foundation.

A Brief Introduction

  • Counseled students on Self Management, study techniques, interpersonal relationships, examination blues
  • Parental Counselling and Relationship Counselling. Parenting with Emotional Skills.
  • Conducted training sessions for students, teachers, parents, and corporate employees.
  • Authored two books in Kannada on Parenting- Makkalannu bayyuvudu hege and Makkalu beleyuththiddare echcharike
  • Two books for Students, Pareekshne, nanagenu bhaya and Bayasidastu anka galisuvudu hege
  • Other books are Akaashakke Yeni Haki (goal setting), Samayavannu Kollabedi, please (time management and Yaake Heegadtharo (behavioral analysis).
  • Conducted workshops for Teachers on The Joy of Teaching.
  • Workshops attended include Indian Psychology, JP Das Model of Intelligence & Learning Disability, and Pearson certified for assessing Learning Disability in children.
  • As per feedback received, so far 14 people who had decided to end lives are alive today.
  • Columnist for a few Kannada newspapers.
  • E mail:
  • Phone no 9900196903
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