How long can I continue as a Free Member?

How long can I continue as a Free Member?

Q & ACategory: Anuraga MatrimonyHow long can I continue as a Free Member?
Srikanth asked 4 years ago
I have registered as a Free Member, I am taking a break for 2-3 months and continue. Will my membership lapse after some time?

1 Answers
Admin Staff answered 4 years ago
You can continue as a free member as long as you are active on our website. We do check and analyze the login details periodically. 2-3 Months break is fine, you can continue to use thereafter. Normally if your login activity beyond 6 months, we do remind you a couple of times before blocking or deleting your profile.

Your last login details will be visible to the members who check your profile and if it is beyond 3-4 months, members tend to skip your profile as inactive or a fake profile.

For any assistance please call back on 8105626363.

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