How for the profiles are authenticated on Anuraga Matrimony?

How for the profiles are authenticated on Anuraga Matrimony?

Q & ACategory: Anuraga MatrimonyHow for the profiles are authenticated on Anuraga Matrimony?
Vidyashree asked 4 years ago
I see a lot of matching profiles, but I am very much worried about the authenticity of the same. Does Anuraga Matrimony verify the same? 

1 Answers
Admin Staff answered 4 years ago

Being an Exclusive Brahmin Matrimony, Anuraga Matrimony maintains the database of prospective brides and grooms from the Brahmin community.  95% of the profiles we get it through online registration. We check the following details before approving any profile.

1. All Mandatory fields are checked and such profiles with any mismatches in profile details, education, horoscope, and partner preference will be rejected.
2. Registered mobile number is authenticated either through OTP or Manually.
3. A profile photo is mandatory, but every member is given time for a few days to update the same, till such period they will not be able to send interest to anyone.
4. Continuously monitor the update to any profile or Photo and posting will be done only on the approval by an admin.
5. Name of Bride, Bridegroom, and parents are hidden to all the members and are visible to paid members only when they choose to contact you.
6. Other than registered members, your profile or photo is not available to the public.

But Anuraga Matrimony makes no efforts to physically authenticate any member. We do not collect any ID proof,  Education or employment documents, or any other details. This platform is only for the initial search and correspondence. We advise every member to get clarified in any possible way for themself and do not relay 100% on the details provided on the matrimonial profiles. 

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