Why marriage is restricted in Ashada Masa?

Why marriage is restricted in Ashada Masa?

Q & ACategory: Brahmin Traditions & CustomsWhy marriage is restricted in Ashada Masa?
Prarthana asked 4 years ago

Is it just a myth or have any valid reason that marriages in some south Indian community are restricted during the period.

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Admin Staff answered 4 years ago

Hindu religion is full of rituals, stories, myths, and beliefs. But all these have some hidden reasons for it. You need to understand it and act on present-day conditions. While most were dependent on agriculture in the past and the season of Ashada Masa is a rainy season.

Since it is important for people who need to engage in ploughing and seeding, all other works are put-off to enable them to concentrate on these most essential works.

It could just be a myth, believing that Ashada Masa is Inauspicious.

But a bigger event like Marriage, Gruhapravesham, Upanayanam can be avoided in today’s scenario, as the rain may disrupt your proceedings for preparations and events.

There is no such rule to avoid other Pooja, Vratha or homa to be conducted in the period. Hindu Puranas also prove that this period to be auspicious.


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