Why Doctor grooms a scarcity in Brahmin community?

Why Doctor grooms a scarcity in Brahmin community?

Q & ACategory: Anuraga MatrimonyWhy Doctor grooms a scarcity in Brahmin community?
Ramakrishna asked 4 years ago
I have registered my daughter’s profile in Anuraga Matrimony and a few other places also. But I don’t find many doctor’s profiles anywhere. Why?

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Admin Staff answered 4 years ago

Yes, Brahmin Doctor grooms are very less compared to brides in the Brahmin community. This is the only category where the ratio of grooms and brides are reversed in comparison with other educational qualifications.

The main reason behind this is the cost of higher education in medicine. Recognition/remuneration to a graduate in medicine is very less and they need to pursue higher education at any cost. If a boy fails to get a seat through his merit, then it costs unusually high to get a seat through methods and everyone cannot afford it.  Education loans for such purposes will not be considered at any institution. He cannot change his career path later also. This jolts Boys to study Medicine. 

The other reason is that it is a longer path to a successful career compared to any other educational field. 

We advise Brahmin Doctor Brides and parents of doctor’s to keep the alternative options open from the day you start searching for the marriage.

For any help, please call on 8105626363.

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